Shutter Speeds

Cameras are amazing pieces of equipment and the more you understand about how they work the more creative you can be!  Playing around with Shutter Speeds can give you all sorts of interesting effects….from freezing the fastest action at 1/8000 of a second to capturing star trails in the night sky with a 5 minute exposure. But do you know what is happening inside your camera…..this short video (courtesy of the Slo-Mo Guys) will show you!

Camera Shutter Action

Some notes on Shutter Speeds used with the Level 2 Photographers at Kendal College

Level 2 Shutter Speeds

England Vests, Helm Hill Runners, Kendal 2015


Sometimes everything seems to be against you. 5 Helm Hill Runners turned up to training in newly awarded England Vests and the brief was to get a portrait for the Cub Newsletter. Time is of the essence…….a couple of minutes at the start of the session. Location – half mile walk to the top of the hill as I wanted a shot with their home town Kendal in the background. Weather – rain threatening, getting dark, shoot through umbrella quickly turned inside out by the wind….athletes getting cold. Equipment – 2 speedlights, light stand…….and a temperamental wireless trigger (never been a problem before). But – I knew the shot I wanted to get, had a rough idea of the camera/light settings….and I think that is half the battle. If you know want you want and how to get it you can work quickly and efficiently. I took 10 Raw shots – two to check ambient lighting, one to check the flash and 3 different compositions. 5 minutes in total. This is my favourite……it’s cropped and I’ve tweaked the shadows and highlights in Lightroom – otherwise it’s straight out of the camera. Job done.

Comic Art Festival, Kendal. October 2014

An exciting new venture in October as Comic Artists descend on Kendal from all over the world.  A team of photographers from Kendal College was assembled to capture the event in all its various forms. Our brief was to create a photographic record of the Festival to assist with future promotion and sponsorship. I had the task of producing portraits of some of the principle artists – 32 x 15 minute portraits in 2 days – a challenge made easier by the fact that the Artists were an interesting bunch of very nice people, but made more difficult as I had never done anything like this before. A temporary studio was set up in an empty room above the Warehouse Cafe at  Brewery Arts Centre… it was decorated it with some funky backdrops and a couple of studio lights and the rest was all about working with the Artists (inside and on location) to produce something that we both liked. Results on the website……and an exhibition is in the planning. Watch this (or some other) space.

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