England Vests, Helm Hill Runners, Kendal 2015


Sometimes everything seems to be against you. 5 Helm Hill Runners turned up to training in newly awarded England Vests and the brief was to get a portrait for the Cub Newsletter. Time is of the essence…….a couple of minutes at the start of the session. Location – half mile walk to the top of the hill as I wanted a shot with their home town Kendal in the background. Weather – rain threatening, getting dark, shoot through umbrella quickly turned inside out by the wind….athletes getting cold. Equipment – 2 speedlights, light stand…….and a temperamental wireless trigger (never been a problem before). But – I knew the shot I wanted to get, had a rough idea of the camera/light settings….and I think that is half the battle. If you know want you want and how to get it you can work quickly and efficiently. I took 10 Raw shots – two to check ambient lighting, one to check the flash and 3 different compositions. 5 minutes in total. This is my favourite……it’s cropped and I’ve tweaked the shadows and highlights in Lightroom – otherwise it’s straight out of the camera. Job done.

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